Electrochemistry for HPLC & MS

Antec is a worldwide supplier of Analyzers based on UHPLC with Electrochemical Detection (ECD) and Potentiostats for electrochemical reactions upfront MS. The ALEXYS™ UHPLC / ECD Analyzers and the ROXY™ Electrochemistry (EC) Systems for EC / MS are known for their superior performance and unique features.

New Products

SynthesisCell™ new bulk cell
for mg quantities – read more

SenCell™ new high sensitivity flow cell for ECD with continuously adjustable volume – read more

Latest News & Applications

Increase your sequence coverage in top-down Proteomics by a factor of 3 – read more

Ultra-Sensitive detection of NA, DA and Serotonin after deep brain stimulation – read more

Upcoming Events

Annual Meeting of Chemical Society, Nov. 21-23, Taiwan
ElCheMS 2015, May 28-29, Germany

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